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The Youth Activities Committee and Youth Activities Coordinator work to provide fun activities throughout the year. Examples of activities include a hay ride and Trunk-Or-Treating in the fall. In the winter, an all-family day trip to Andes Tower hills for skiing and an all-family sledding day at Chahinkapa Park are events that everyone enjoys and another fun event that is requested by the youngsters is an afternoon of tumbling and jumping at Three Rivers Gymnastics.

Bethel Youth Events 2017-2018



Wednesday at 5:30 pm children 4 years old through 5th grade gather for Wednesday school.

We use the Spark curriculum for preschool – 4th and the Connect curriculum for the 5th graders.  All Wednesday schoolers attend music for 20 minutes each week. We study each lesson for two weeks first week we concentrate on the Bible verse and paper work the second week we do a hands on activity. Two Sundays a month children are taken out of church for we an activity after the children’s sermon and are back in time to collect the noisy offering.

2017-18 Bethel Wednesday School Registration Form


Confirmation Events

Confirmation age students (Grades 6-9) have lots of things going on during the school year. Besides their Confirmation Learning Event every week we offer Youth Room nights one Friday a month. These activities include movie night, holiday-themed parties, a Thrift Store Formal, etc. Youth in these grades are encouraged to participate in youth-led worship services and many of the other events geared towards families or senior high youth.

Confirmation Registration 2017-2018

Confirmation Handbook 2017-2018

Confirmation Calendar 2017-2018

Sermon Note Sheet 2017-2018

Mentor Event Dates 2017-2018

6th Grade Mentor Book 2017-2018

7th Grade Mentor Book 2017-2018

8th Grade Mentor Book 2017-2018

9th Grade Mentor Book 2017-2018


Senior High Team
Bethel’s Senior High Team is active in many ways in our congregation. We meet in the youth room every Wednesday that there is Confirmation to hang out and learn about each other and how God is active in the world. Our activities include things from watching movies, talking about issues that the students are faced with and preparing for leading Confirmation worship. We have tons of fun and enjoy welcoming new faces.